Monday, March 7, 2016

Forum for the game

Dohavocom, thank you!

Link for the forum added in main menu of the blog now.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New mod posted here in comments

Anonymous posted new mod here in comments:

So there is new post about it, to give ability for all to comment without premoderation that turned on in the old posts. Please feel free to discuss about mod here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

New post

>Can we get another blog post? It doesn't have to be anything important; my tablet's having problems with this post's 55+ comments.
This is requested new post. :)

Sorry about long silence from me, I do not dropped this game, but I has some issues in the my life that completely broke my mood for hobby things most of the time (no, I do not tell more details). So, please, think about this as if I getting some vacation time. I will return to active development after I resolve this situation.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Plans for next version...

Well, hadcoded organs - it's not only one change planned in the next version. I spent some time playing and thinking: what is brother me as if I'm a player? Resulting is a possibility of getting Mistress for the house - she will do basic training and also she will be able to do a regular medical checkups. Also if anyone has ideas what Mistress can do also - please tell in the comments.

Another planned feature - ability to give nicknames to the workers. (This will help with the tracking who is who if you have many workers).

Monday, February 23, 2015

Google, hm...

Today I got notification from Google about them changing of their policy for the adult content in the blogger service. It's mainly about pictures and video, and through in my blog never has any such pictures or video, I can't guarantee that their bots do not close this blog for some "other" reason. New policy will be started at 23.03.2015 they say.

So, please save contact links from the "Links" page: it's where I will post if something happens with this blog. Here:

Development thread on the Futanari Planet forum:

Development thread on the Fenoxo's forum:


If someone has some suggestion about possible further project home, I like to hear them, but I can't pay for any money for hosting. Right now even 5$/month it's too much. Donations, or something like that, is out of question for this project too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Difficult decision

Well, I don't fully like this decision, but for sake of the game performance I decided to create standard set of the hardcoded organs in the game engine, on the base of current code of the scripted organs.

They still can be replaced with scripted version, but performance of native java code is much better than scripts. Right now scripts processing take 95-98% of CPU time taken by application. If I planing to expand game to more than 100-150 characters at one game session, performance of scripted organs in characters will become a major issue. (Right now, on my machine "Next Day" with 150 characters take 2-5 seconds - it's too much I think.)

It's can be done fast - early versions of game already started with this support, and I not removed it from code. I just need to create classes for standart organs, and copy scripts code to them.

Pro: game will be working very fast.
Cons: For modders it's will be slightly harder to change behavior of the characters body. But in the worst case - they still can just replace harcoded organs with scripted version. Source code of hardcoded organs will be open right with the released version.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Patch 0.985e.p1

Fixed GUI bug with duplicate proxy after disconnect, and some wrong conditions in some events. Thanks to the Anonymous.

UPD: Reuploaded with the usual password, and new .jar build (somehow older broken build get in the previous archive - with it game won't start normally).