Monday, November 20, 2017

Sources is in public.

Ok, I might be cursed, but I fail to make it in promised 2 week time. The only my apology is - "Better late, then never".

Anyway, GIT repository is maked at last. Here is it now:

Right now in repository version more new then last release, should be playable, but still somewhat unfinished for normal release. Also, it without images - they should be downloaded separately. I can't risk to place them in repository. Text porn on gitgud is OK as I know, but CG is grey zone. And CG for game is like 80-90% of the size, so let's not tease geese with them.

Images can be used from previous versions, and also I make imagepack from curent state of game (I do not sure if I change something serious from release time, so just to be sure):
password: fmaster

I hope this will be useful, at least for someone. :)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I seen some drama's...

...about commercial usage of my work by third-party mod-makers on some imageboards, and also some question been addressed to me early by some peoples in private. I think, there I need to post my clear and official reply about commercial usage. Though is still a bit complex:

1. Game license (button "license" on start) is Creative Common (CC BY-NC 3.0)
So, no "commercial only" usage for content based on it. For example - no patreon paywalled content please, and no fileshare though pay only services.

2. Partial commerce usage, like early access to some dev versions is ok, but only if content in them become free to all public eventually, in reasonable time. I say - like in 3 month maximum.

3. I personally not like even second variant, but it's mod's authors work and decissions - and they have right for it. I do not feel like I can press about it. But it's borderline.

4. I not have any objections (even personal opinion) about "tip jar" type of patreon or similar methods.

Also some general news:

I still done some work through all these time, almost to the next engine update (0.99), but it's still very slow, as I still have much personal issues. And I think - something should be done about this. So, I decided to open game sources, but I don't like to just post archive with them. I think - public git repository will be good variant. I need some time to set it up, but it's will be done in week or too, I hope.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Forum for the game

Dohavocom, thank you!

Link for the forum added in main menu of the blog now.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New mod posted here in comments

Anonymous posted new mod here in comments:

So there is new post about it, to give ability for all to comment without premoderation that turned on in the old posts. Please feel free to discuss about mod here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

New post

>Can we get another blog post? It doesn't have to be anything important; my tablet's having problems with this post's 55+ comments.
This is requested new post. :)

Sorry about long silence from me, I do not dropped this game, but I has some issues in the my life that completely broke my mood for hobby things most of the time (no, I do not tell more details). So, please, think about this as if I getting some vacation time. I will return to active development after I resolve this situation.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Plans for next version...

Well, hadcoded organs - it's not only one change planned in the next version. I spent some time playing and thinking: what is brother me as if I'm a player? Resulting is a possibility of getting Mistress for the house - she will do basic training and also she will be able to do a regular medical checkups. Also if anyone has ideas what Mistress can do also - please tell in the comments.

Another planned feature - ability to give nicknames to the workers. (This will help with the tracking who is who if you have many workers).

Monday, February 23, 2015

Google, hm...

Today I got notification from Google about them changing of their policy for the adult content in the blogger service. It's mainly about pictures and video, and through in my blog never has any such pictures or video, I can't guarantee that their bots do not close this blog for some "other" reason. New policy will be started at 23.03.2015 they say.

So, please save contact links from the "Links" page: it's where I will post if something happens with this blog. Here:

Development thread on the Futanari Planet forum:

Development thread on the Fenoxo's forum:


If someone has some suggestion about possible further project home, I like to hear them, but I can't pay for any money for hosting. Right now even 5$/month it's too much. Donations, or something like that, is out of question for this project too.